I'm Valentí and I'm the owner of Cal Barrusca. It's a little agricultural holding devoted to the farming of cereal (wheat and barley). Our forebears have lived here and work in these fields for more than six generations. In 2005, with the help of my wife and son, we started the bussines of rural tourism with the aim of preserving the property.

My name is Neus, I'm Valentí's wife. I enjoy walking in the forest with our pets. One of my hobbies is picking up mushrooms.



Hi, I'm Jordi, Valentí and Neus' son. I love looking after the forest. Sports are my passion, especially cycling both in the mountain and on the road.

Hi! My name is Montse, Jordi's partner. I love animals, nature and my hobbies are sports and culture.

Montse i Jordi


Animals de companyia


We also live with our pets who we love and we are sure that you will also love them. On the left hand side is Quina, who is the oldest dog and is always loyal to the house. Xispa is the other dog, a hound, and next to her, Lluna, the cat lying on the carpet. Nevat, a quiet cat, is behind her brother.


One of the characteristics of our house is that we do everything ourselves. We try to do the jobs that we need to do, each of us helping with chores such as, cleaning, maintenance, fixing new buildings, account, web designing and so on. All of this, with pleasure and the satisfaction of doing them as well as we can.

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Els Prats de Rei (CATALUNYA)


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