Cal Barrusca, as a company aims to benefit economically from the activities that are done, both the farming and rural tourism. But NOT at any price. Our top priority and main value is respect for NATURE. We want to preserve our surroundings; our land, our air, our landscape, our wildlife and our water resources. For that reason we invest part of our profits in sustainability, energy efficiency and organic production. Our target in Cal Barrusca is to be totally sustainable and ecological; we aim to create electric power with renewable sources, warm up with biomass, be able to use rain water for the house, produce our own dairy products in an organic way and so on.

Septic tanc
When we started our business in 2006, we installed a septic tank and a biological filter to treat waste water before this water went into the ditch. Thanks to this system, some microorganisms (anaerobic and aerobic) decompose the organic waste, turning it frome solid to liquid, so that the liquid can be used to water fruit trees.
Fossa sèptica


Rainwater tank
In 2011 we built a tank of 200,000 liters of water. This tank is filled with rainwater that comes from the different roofs of Cal Barrusca. This fact allows us to have enough reserved water to irrigate the orchard, gardens and fruit trees in dry season.
Dipòsit aigües pluvials 200.000l


Biomass boiler
In 2014 we replaced the oil boiler with a biomass boiler fuelled by wood. We stopped burning about 2,500 liters of oil and nowasays we warm up the houses with the excess of wood from our forests. By doing that, we have achieved two objectives: improving our forest by reducing the risk of fire, and at the same time, taking advantage of the wood by using it to warm both houses and our farmhouse.
Caldera de biomassa


Solar thermal
In 2014 we installed four solar panels, which have replaced the electric water heaters we had used up to then, in order to warm the sanitary water. These panels also help to warm the tank inertia of the heating circuit, saving us some fuel.
Plaques solars tèrmiques (4 u)


Organic eggs
By the end of 2013, we had built a barnyard with an outdoor patio of more than 25 m2. Free-range hens produce organic eggs.


LEDs bulbs
During the autumn 2015 we remlaced all the incandescent light bulbs for LEDs bulbs. With this measure we reduced by over 90% in power consumption by the same lights. Also, every time we have to replace a bulb low consumption of the house, either inside or outside, we use leds.


Environmental quality label
We are working on obtaining it. More info...

938698874 / 619988587
Els Prats de Rei (CATALUNYA)


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