Torre de la Manresana
Guided tour of the Manresana Tower

Tower documented since the eleventh century, we find several foundations of the walls, floor and a circular tower, over 20 meters.

La Manresana


Museu arqueogic Prats de Rei
Archaeological museum Prats de Rei

This small museum, which bears the name of the person who dedicated much of his life to understanding the distant past of the town, basically collects archaeological materials recovered in the excavation area and municipality.

Els Prats de Rei


Campanar da Calaf
Bell of Calaf

Guided tour and free 2nd Sunday. Gothic style building, with 40 m depth, 12,5 m wide and 20 m above the church. With its 56,6 meters from ground level is considered the second highest village bell Catalonia behind Vic.


Castell de Calaf


Castle of Calaf

In March 2011 they finished the restoration of the castle Calaf allowed back the outer structure of the monument, as well as make visitable inside.


Ermita Sant Sebastià


Chapel of Sant Sebastià

Located on the hill that has the same name, was built at the end of the seventeenth century to thank the saint for having freed the population of the plague that raged throughout Catalonia.


Castell de Boixadors


Castle of Boixadors

Guided tour. Documented in 1014. It retains the perfect tribute tower as it has been recently restored and several outbuildings.


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Els Prats de Rei (CATALUNYA)


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